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Product details

One-way Throttle Valve HDJ-10Y

This valve is specially for band sawing machine.

  • One-way Throttle Valve HDJ-10Y
Product description

This valve is specially for band sawing machine.

Model Description:

HD J -10 D Y

J:Throttle Valve

T:Speed Control Valve

Rated Flow


D:with check valve bypass

No Mark:

Without check valve bypass

Y:Round Type

F:Rectangular Type



Technical Parmeter
Item One-way Throttle Valve Model HDJ-10Y
Mounting Style Plate Type Flow Rate 10L
Port Size Z1/8 Pressure 6.3MPa
Oil Port

Located under the valve body

P:Inlet    T:Outlet

Net weight 1kg

Valve body:A3 steel

Spool:45 quenched and tempered steel

valve cover:aluninum


How to mounted this valve to the machine?
1.The locking screw on the valve and slot on the spool should be positioning perfect before we assemble the valve cover and the valve body.
2.The valve cover and body should be tightened with a screwdriver.
The operational attentions:
1)The valve cover should be rotated within the limits of adjustable area.
2)Keep the oil clean.
3)The joints should be installed on the pipe thread wrapped with the raw material approx 3turns 
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